La serie Sabiduria Intemporal Evolutiva

La serie Ageless Wisdom Evolving esta actualmente disponible solo en inglés. Proporcionamos esta información para aquellos que tienen interés en las versiones en inglés.

Sharon K. Richards is voice and editor for the ascended master teachers in the Ageless Wisdom Evolving series of tracts. Sharon’s background in Ageless Wisdom teachings, her training, and her demonstrated channeling skill offered master teachers the voice they needed to update their 19th and 20th century teachings in response to humanity’s expanding consciousness. In this series, master teachers present short, focused clarifications and extensions of their original teachings; readers can then select topics aligned with their current interests and objectives. Cosmic Mentors provide a perspective of the same core wisdom as it has evolved off Earth. After nearly 100 years, Master Teacher Djwhal Khul is actively teaching again and has authored the first two books in the Ageless Wisdom Evolving series.

Astral Plane Revisited

When he revisits his original astral plane teachings, Djwhal Khul explains why his teachings of 90 years ago contained so many warnings. He explains how lightworkers today can leverage the astral plane on their spiritual journeys and how the master teachers themselves leverage the astral plane to their advantage. You’ll discover the background of the Cosmic Mentors who explain how the astral plane is used elsewhere in the galaxy – it is not the way we use the astral on Earth!

Whether you are curious about the astral plane for lightworkers today or would appreciate a glimpse at the World War context that shaped Djwhal Khul’s original teachings, Astral Plane Revisited will broaden your perspective. Available in both paperback and e-book formats from

Astral Plane Revisited
Initiations and Masters
Initiations and Masters

In this edition of the Ageless Wisdom Evolving series, Djwhal Khul explains that there are significantly more initiations for lightworkers on Earth than the seven he initially taught. He explains how initiations are interwoven with becoming a master teacher and what responsibilities an ascended master teacher assumes.

Over the years, the title “Master” has taken on meanings that were not originally intended. Ten of Djwhal Khul’s colleagues, including Lady Nada, St. Germain, Hilarion, Serapis Bey and Maitreya, praise him “for having the courage to be the first among us to speak of expansion to existing information that is studied and valued by so many just as it is.”

Both paperback and e-book format of Initiations and Masters Revisited and Clarified are available from

Reincarnation – Earth and Elsewhere

Master Teacher Kuthumi’s Reincarnation – Earth and Elsewhere offers new teachings about individual souls and soul families, about the ancient introduction and future status of past-lives amnesia and about the arrival and evolution of the first human souls on Earth.

Master Teacher Morya’s preface frames the ever-changing textbook of the Ageless Wisdom. Master Teacher Djwhal Khul’s appendix connects the evolution of human souls with the evolution of human bodies. The Cosmic Mentors explain the role of reincarnation in the universe. Three individuals from off Earth explain reincarnation on their home worlds.

International five-star reviews include comments: “Highly recommended,” “useful details not found elsewhere,” “easily understood,” and “mind blowing.” Reincarnation – Earth and Elsewhere is available from Amazon in e-book and paperback. (Outside the US, please check with your local Amazon.)

Reincarnation - Earth and Elsewhere
Soul Families Evolving
Work on Volume 4 Has Begun

Working Title – Soul Families Evolving

Master Teacher Kuthumi heads this project. Master Teachers Morya and Djwhal Khul and the Cosmic Mentors collaborate. Together, they explore the role that individual souls play in the evolution of soul families. They encourage us to examine individual soul contributions and responsibilities to the soul family. They ask us to look beyond Earth, into the role each of us, via our soul family, plays in the workings of the universe.

Once again, they intend to introduce clarified, revised and new teachings not available elsewhere.

Thoughts from a Master

Between 2011 and 2013, Master Teacher Yeshua /Jeshua and his guest speakers covered a wide range of topics, from soul purpose and building a new civilization to prayer, addiction and God. These articles are now accessible by Category and by Year/Month of publication on

No matter where you are on your personal spiritual journey, you are likely to find messages that resonate.

Thoughts from a Master